Special Situations

Mortgage Options for Unique Situations

These days it seems harder than ever to get a mortgage! Especially if you don’t fit the typical mortgage profile. That’s where Gibbard Group Financial can help. We’ll find you the perfect mortgage that fits your unique situation.

Do you fall under any of these categories?

  • Self-employed
  • Recently divorced
  • New to Canada or Non-Resident
  • Multiple Rental Properties
  • Vacation/Second Home
  • Needing a second mortgage

Chances are you are not finding it easy to obtain a mortgage.

Let us put our knowledge and contacts to work for you so you can obtain a mortgage even if you don’t fit the typical lending profile for a bank. We specialize in working with clients whose financial situations aren’t always straight forward.

In special situations our team can arrange home mortgages from $50,000 to $10 Million through our network of lenders who offer mortgages designed with you in mind.

Simply email or call us to discuss your special requirements today.