Financing Strategy

As an experienced homeowner and borrower, you are probably already very familiar with the mortgage products and services of your current lender. It could be to your advantage to use another lender. Call us at (604) 313-3199 today to help you make the switch. As well, here’s some important information to keep in mind:

Most lending institutions that we deal with offer up to 120 Day rate holds! That way we can secure a rate up to 4 months prior to your mortgage coming up for renewal, and continually watch rates for you to ensure that we obtain the lowest rate possible for you! As your mortgage is coming up for renewal have you considered reviewing your financial plan? Do you need a new car? Top up investments? Kids getting ready for school? Stretch out your payment over a longer term to make your payment more manageable?

There are many different reasons to ensure that you have the right mortgage, so let the experts at Gibbard Group Financial assist in your financing needs!